Dr. Jorge L. Chinea published in Revista Brasileira do Caribe

Dr. Jorge L. Chinea, professor of history and director of the Center for Latino/a and Latin American Studies, has published an article in the journal Revista Brasileira do Caribe titled FRONTERAS POROSAS, DESTINOS COMPARTIDOS: notas sobre los vínculos históricos entre Puerto Rico y La Española/Santo Domingo desde la época precolonial hasta la consolidación del control colonial español, ca. 1550. The article discusses the historical links between Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic (formerly Santo Domingo), from prehispanic times to the consolidation of Spanish colonial control around 1550.

Dr. Chinea also served as co-editor of the journal for this issue, whose central theme is Afro-Atlantic Frontiers, Movements and Connections. The full journal can be consulted here: http://www.periodicoseletronicos.ufma.br/index.php/rbrascaribe

Note: the article has a publication date of 2019, which stems from a 2-year delay caused by the pandemic in Brazil where the journal is housed. 

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