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2024 Best Poster Awards

2024 Program

""Jesus Loves Everyone"...So Why Not Us"
Lee Zarate

"No Quiero Otro Feminicidio Más en Mis Hijas"
Jannet Hurtado-Blanco 

"Catalyst or Barrier?: What Encourages or Discourages Latinos Attaining Higher Education"
Natalie Cázares 

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2023 Program

"Narco-Terrorism: Threatening Mexico's Political Stability and Security" 
Carlos Ramirez

"The Unspoken Truth: Machismo in Mexican American Families"
Vanessa Briones

"Graphic Design and Latinx Activism"
Berenice Angulo-Barraza

Previous conference programs and awardees


2022 Program

"Perspectives/ Perceptions on the HIV/AIDS Epidemic Impacting the Latino/a/x"
Jesus Cruz-Navarro

"Mothers of Mexico Mourn the Missing"
Madison Rivera

"The Dark Side of Mexico's Democracy"
Alexandro Vivanco 


2021 Program

LAS 1420 Best Poster Awards

"Juntos Tenemos Que Hacer Algo"
Sabrina Stahlberger 

"No More Privacy: Digitalized Immigration "
Jennifer Ramos

"Combatting Systemic Oppression Against Latinx in Science"
Whitney Dean 

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2019 Program

LAS 1420 Best Poster Awards

"The Prison Industrial Complex: Impacts on Latinx Inmates and the Environment"
Malena Bianco

"Making Sense of Climate Change: Case Studies From the United States and Ecuador"
Katherine Sanchez

"The Disproportionate Health Effects of Industrial Pollutants on the Latinx Population in the US"
Mariana Sierra 

LAS 3710 Best Panel Awards

"Educating the STEM Educator"
Mayra Torres

"Mapping Agency Within Southwest Detroit's Business Community"
Prosper Garcia

"Being ACE'd (Adverse Childhood Experiences) in Detroit"
Alyssa Vasquez


2018 Program

LAS 1420 Best Poster Awards

"How Stereotypes Spared the Latinx Community From the Opioid Crisis in the U.S."
Daisy Diaz

"What is Blackness? Latinx indentity issues"
Jose Daniel Gonzalez

"Latinx in American Media: On both sides of the spectrum"
Sergio Sandoval Valle 

LAS 3710 Best Panel Awards

"Missing People and Mixed Words: Challenges Faced Within Coordinating Transitional Care"
Maricruz Moya

"Growing Through City Streets: the garden project"
Mariah Pino

"Teamwork Makes the DREAM Work: Improving Health Outcomes for LatinX Patients Through Mutual Education"
Cara Mitrano

"Participatory' Budgeting?"
Marangelis Rosado


2017 Program

LAS 1420 Best Poster Awards

"Who Wears the Pants? Exploring the impact of machismo & marianismo on the identity formation of second generation Latinx's"
Adrianna Villarreal

"Medical School for Latinx: challenges for getting admitted and potential success beyond"
Alejandro Ponce

"Latinos in Graphic Novels"
Prosper Garcia


2016 Program

LAS 1420 Best Poster Awards

"Who Am I? The reality of our self-identity"
Illliana Navarra-Bueno

"Perspectives on Reproductive Health Care in Mexico and Central America"
Cara Mitrano

"For the Planet's Sake, As Well As Our Own"
Noribeth Mariscal


2015 Program


2014 Program